This morning I was caught off guard while the children were playing and for a small moment in time I was taken back to Addis. I was working on breakfast and Mastewal and Afton were playing together and she kept laughing and calling Afton “Tami” which sounds like “Tommy” and that’s what everyone called him during our stay. It surprised me, but I enjoyed hearing it. I feel like the last few days/week the kids are starting to let a little more of Ethiopia back into their lives.  For the last two months they’ve really jumped into the American culture and have not wanted to speak the language or talk about much that goes on there. I have to say that I’ve had some amazing conversations with Mastewal over the last week about Ethiopia, her first family, her time in Kamash(i), her time in Addis, other children and her friends. It has been eye opening for me to hear from her about her life before us. She has a lot to share, and I’m glad we’re getting closer through our special times of sharing.

We spent most of the afternoon and evening outside. The kids love bubbles and I was able to take a ton of photos. There are so many I’d like to share, but I’ll just pick a few for this post.

ready for bubbles

ready for bubbles

got it

got it

a little help

a little help



5 responses to “05.07.2009

  • Marilyn

    Excellent, excellent.

    You are reminding me of the time I picked up my firstborn after her first day at school. How eager I was to hear EVERYTHING, but all she said was “it was good” and then she ran outside to play. It was a full two weeks later, while riding home from my parents’ house one evening, and her brother had fallen asleep in the back seat, that she started talking and didn’t stop for a whole 30 minutes.

    I have thought of this often over the years, at different times when I’ve ready to listen and have to wait until they are ready to talk. I consider it a parenting skill.

    Thanks for writing about this. A great day for you, Heather!

  • Emily

    This post is precious! They both look so good in the pics. Make sure you are writing down everything she says!

  • Autumn

    Great photos… I was wondering if you guys ever call Mastewal “Mesti”… that’s what I remember her as. Such sweeties!

  • Justin

    Hey Heather,

    I’ve really enjoyed these postings. Can’t wait to finally meet them!

    Check out my own musings at rebuildingbabylon.wordpress.com and add me to your blogroll!


  • april

    Hi heather. I had no idea you brought home a son, too. They are both beautiful!

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