Last week Mastewal went to see what kindergarten was all about, I think she’ll like it.  We got to look around the classroom and see the school (and the kids)–she seems interested in how it all works, especially the “play time” at the playground and when that will be.

We also went to our attorney’s office to finalize all the adoptions and on July 17 we’ll have our time with the judge for the “readoption” of Mastewal and Afton and then the “finalization” of Myer’s adoption. We’re excited.

This weekend we just “hung out”.  I heard about The Super Duper Art & Craft Activity Book by Lynn Gordon from one of Laurie’s posts and decided to check it out from the library.  It’s a neat book of fun crafts that uses some things that you have around the house or neighborhood. The first activity was a birdhouse (and Mastewal has been asking to make one) so we worked on that Saturday while Afton napped.  So with some leftover jewels, markers, glue, ribbon and an oatmeal container-we now have the most sparkly/fancy birdhouse in the neighborhood.  



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