allthreebeforechurchMyer is 7months old as of May 30. He’s been home for 7months as of June 3. As of June 4, we’ve been home with Mastewal and Afton for 3months. The time has went by really fast. Just some little notes about all the children.


  • Is eating a wider variety of baby food, seems to like everything
  • He weighs 19lbs and is 28 3/4 inches long
  • He really is wanting to crawl, but hasn’t figured it out yet
  • He is easily upset when you take a toy away from him-or it goes out of his reach
  • Afton and Mastewal crack him up
  • He loves Roper and loves to “chase” him
  • He prefers sleeping on his stomach now
  • He loves the kiddie pool
  • Still has only two teeth, but there HAS to be more on the way
  • Says “heyyyyy”


  • Is really sweet with Myer
  • Can kind of say his ABC’s 
  • Still loves cars (meukinas)
  • Has pretty cool hair for not doing anything to it
  • His favorite books are Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Gorilla
  • Loves to sing and has a CRAZY memory for songs and has a wonderful voice
  • Can still eat a TON of food, but seems to be learning his limits after 3 months
  • Doesn’t really speak a lot of Amharic anymore, only  for bathroom words now
  • Refuses to use the pedals on his bikes
  • Loves shoes
  • Loves the water (bath, pool, hose)


  • Has lost 3 teeth
  • Doesn’t speak Amharic anymore, maybe a word here or there if I beg
  • Still loves to wear dresses, but finds it’s easier to ride her bike and play in something else
  • Loves to sing. I think her favorite song is the Taylor Swift “Love Story”
  • Is really interested in wanting to read!
  • Loves riding her bike and being outside
  • Has recently began sharing about her time and experiences in Ethiopia
  • Loves the water (bath, pool, hose)
  • Likes to help with Myer, but says “he’s heavy” or “he’s too big”
  • Loves most shows on PBS–and right now Martha the talking dog is her favorite
  • Has learned to swing on her own
  • Likes to do “chores”, in fact: she asks for them

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