Saturday evening after the Luau we traveled back to Columbus, stayed the night at a hotel (I got a Target run in :))

Sunday morning we met Tesfa (our friends’ friend–and now our friend as well) who took us to an Ethiopian Oromo Church (Afton and Tesfa are Oromo).  We LOVED it!  Everyone was welcoming to us and we loved the message and the music!  Afton and Mastewal went to Sunday School (Afton came running back into the service, but at least he tried :)) We were invited to stay for pizza and fellowship after the service and Afton really ate his weight in pizza.  I think he picked up a few little girlfriends as well 🙂  Mastewal didn’t really want to socialize with the children, so she sat with us.  We had good conversation with some church members, Tesfa and the pastors.  They invited us to come back anytime so the could see “their children”.

After church and fellowship we did a little shopping/walking around at Easton.  There was an artist’s fair, but honestly I didn’t pay much attention (we’re busy with 3 kids–and trying to have decent conversations with Tesfa).  

After Easton we headed to Lalibela for Ethiopian food.  For someone who said she didn’t want to eat injera, Mastewal sure did consume a lot.  

After dinner we drove Tesfa back to his car and said goodbye.  

A wonderful weekend.



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