So I’ve got a lot on my mind lately. Last week (after months of the back and forth regarding whether to homeschool Mastewal or not) I received my Sonlight curriculum that we ordered. We’ve loved all that we’ve learned and I’ve enjoyed the the Bible stories everyday. Meanwhile, I still have her registered for kindergarten at our local school.  I’ve went over the pros and cons and we decided that we’d “try” homeschooling before school actually starts, to see if it is a good fit for our family.  It is and it isn’t. The pros for homeschooling definitely outweigh the cons, but I’m still on the fence.  

We’ve also planned to send Afton to preschool in the fall because we feel he’d really enjoy the interaction with other children his age. But I’m not sure that will be best for him either. He’s had a really rough time at VBS this week.  We haven’t forced him to go, but he cried for “daddy” the second night and wanted to come home immediately when we arrived instead of staying for the music.  And then last night he refused to stay at all and would not even sit on the floor beside me, he had to sit in my lap.  I asked him to get up so we could move to the craft area and he screamed a scream I haven’t heard since Ethiopia.  So we came home. He wants nothing do with it. When we walked backed to pick up Mastewal I thought he’d want to stay for the songs, but again he didn’t want me to put him down and we just walked home instead of staying for the songs.  I definitely think it could be a combo of reasons of why he doesn’t want to stay (it’s close to bedtime, his teacher said several times “I could just take you home with me”–which didn’t set well with Afton, and there are a ton of children in the intro and finale (where they do the songs) So I’m afraid he will associate “his school” (preschool) with the VBS (they are both at the same church) and not want to go to preschool either. Everything feels like a toss up right now. I’m not really asking for advice, I’m just trying to think it through and figure out what is best for US (all of us).  Uggh. Decisions. Decisions.

And just for kicks. If I were homeschooling (as I was today) we could take advantage of great discoveries around the house (like this bat outside that was hanging on the laundry room window.  And then again he’s (the bat) been here all day and as I type this, so even if they were sent to school they’d be able to see after they were home 🙂  Just sayin’



One response to “07.23.2009

  • Beth

    Sitting on the fence is no fun. I’m there too often myself. I pray God will give you clarity and that you’ll trust the inborn wisdom He’s already given you. Pretty cool about the bat, though! 🙂

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