07.28.2009: Decided

classhead8-4cSo after weeks of the up and downs about homeschooling, we’ve  decided on what is best for Mastewal and our family right now. Yesterday I called the Board of Education because I was under the impression (based on information that they had sent me) that I could not take Mastewal out of school if I decided to put her in school and later changed my mind.  Not so. So we’ve decided that we will send her to school and then if we don’t feel it’s the right decision for all of us we will come back to the homeschooling. I feel such a peace about this decision as opposed to any other of the scenarios I’d worked out. I feel like a weight has been lifted.  So now, we just need word from our PID that we can get the 2 more needed immunizations for her to start school.  

And just to have a picture with this post, here’s Mastewal learning to ride riding her bike with no training wheels.



2 responses to “07.28.2009: Decided

  • Bethany

    Must be a relief! Is she excited to start school? Does she have many English words yet? She looks so happy riding her big-girl bike!

  • Ben

    Alright Baileys! I know you thought and prayed over this decision, and, if you have to change your mind, you’re allowed and that freedom must be exhilarating!

    GREAT JOB ON YOUR BIKE Mastewal! 🙂

    PS- Hi Seth!

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