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Mastewal’s second day went well. Here’s the before school photo I was able to snap (since everyone was ready with time to spare).  



08.26.2009: First Day of Kindergarten

Mastewal has been at school for 1 hour and 35 minutes. The boys are playing (more like Afton taking toys from Myer and pretending he’s not). 

I can’t think of what to do today. I have a feeling of freedom with hesitation. What should I do with the boys today? I just want to get going somewhere and at the same time I’m a little sad.  Sad that Mastewal is going to be at school all day. I don’t really know what to do with myself. I could write a post about how is unreal that we’ve been parents for 10 months. We’ve been with Mastewal and Afton for 6 months.  WE ARE FIRST TIME PARENTS and have a child that started kindergarten today. Some families have 5 years or so to prepare for this.  As much as I was ready for this, I am not. 

I know that she is having a blast. She ran right in and sat in the line designated for her class (bumping her way to the front of course). She’s been ready for a while now. She did great at her orientation and the open house last night. She picked her locker (actually she chose one of the two pink tubs that happened to be “extra lockers”–I was a little surprised by her choice, but then realized she picked this so she could be different and wouldn’t have the same things as everyone else—that is also ANOTHER POST, itself). She actually even came to “know” a couple of kids yesterday through her soccer practice and orientation and the previous VBS at the church. 

This comforts me as I ponder about what to do today. I’m missing a quarter of our crew today–and I’m trying to figure out how this is going to work. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it…..and then I’ll be back at square one on Monday when Afton starts preschool.  I’ll be wondering what Myer and I will do for those three hours he’s away everyday. Then we’ll be a crew of 2.


Afton waiting patiently at Mastewal's soccer practice

Afton waiting patiently at Mastewal's soccer practice


Mastewal Soccer Practice

Mastewal Soccer Practice


Our "New" Morning Routine

Our "New" Morning Routine

Showing her backpack

Showing her backpack


First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of Kindergarten


The sweetest thing today. Mastewal asked to feed Myer (I said yes). He fell asleep. I asked to take him and lay him down, she said “no, it’s only the third time he’s fallen asleep on me”. She held him for one and half hours.


Afton is getting into puzzles right now. He was very happy with himself yesterday when he completed this puzzle for the first time: ALL BY HIMSELF


And just because



Woo Hoo.

I can check getting the malaria meds off the list—and they were less expensive than what I thought.

Only a gazillion other things to do now.  Wondering what’s for dinner since our oven started smoking us out during the preheating.



How should I start this post.
I feel like I am all over the place while sitting still. Here’s why:


  • I should be unpacking/organizing/cleaning up from our travel to Michigan, but feel overwhelmed. At least I got the laundry finished from the trip.
  • This week, I shipped the homeschool school curriculum back, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I feel like it was taunting and teasing me as it sat in the dining room.
  • I’m hoping we establish some order and cleanliness to our home before school starts next week. I’m ready to weed through things and pack away and donate items. I’m ready to rid our house of the clutter. I’m ready to get things organized.


  • I’m also gearing up for my return trip to Ethiopia. I’m staring to “try to” figure out what to pack. I’ve arranged a few things and it feels like a totally different “packing game”. We packed so much last time: stuff for us, stuff for kids, donations, gifts for other families to be given to their children, all possible meds that we or the children may or may not need for the possible two week trip. I’m starting a before travel experiment, I’m going to see how many days I can wear the same jeans/pants without wash. I’m on day two. I’m hoping I can stretch one pair of jeans/pants out for 4 maybe even 5 days (with the help of a little febreeze :)). I really want to pack minimally. I’m taking one 50lb bag of donations that I will be unloading the first day of my trip (hopefully), but other than that I want to be able to have minimal luggage to have to lug around Ethiopia, since I will be traveling to areas other than Addis. It’s also hard (for me) to be minimal when I don’t know exactly what conditions are like in other areas of Ethiopia that I may be traveling to.
  • I leave in 4 weeks
  • I’m not too excited about the solo drive to D.C. I’m nervous about the parking and how to get to the airport – exactly
  • I need to get my malaria meds
  • I need to figure out my $$ situation


  • Monday we have a preschool Open House
  • Tuesday we have Kindergarten Orientation, Mastewal’s first Soccer Practice immediately followed by the Snoop and Scoop and school.
  • Wednesday Mastewal goes to school from 8-3
  • Thursday there is no school for Mastewal, but Myer has a doctor appointment at 8:30
  • Friday Mastewal goes back to school for the long haul and I hope to meet up with a friend for lunch and hopefully apply for social security cards for the kids (we finally got their birth certificates.


  • I would love to mail out our adoption announcements–that would require me to address envelopes and go purchase some stamps.
  • I also need to pick some pictures to send to our adoption agency for our post placement reports: which also requires me to take a new picture of Mastewal and Afton in each of their rooms, respectively: which also brings me back to the clutter, it needs to be cleared from their rooms (it’s actually my mess–not theirs).

I’ve failed to mention that I’m really tired  (it’s 3:22 in the afternoon) and there are many other things that I could add to this list. I’m honestly procrastinating while I should be doing something, ANYTHING, at this point to help things move along a little smoother. I feel like I am wearing down, while I have three children in the room next to me entertaining themselves by watching Curious George.

Let the weekend begin, friends!

Ethiopia Trip Slideshow

Only took me 5 months to make this 🙂

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Random Post

Mastewal is fine. Her bloodwork and doctor visit showed nothing. She’s better (nothing like another trip to the lake for a cure). We’re gearing up for a trip to Michigan this weekend, but not before our 6 month post placement visit tomorrow. I can’t believe we’ve been home a little over 5 months now. 

All adoptions are final, I pick up our paperwork in the morning. Birth certificates are in the mail.

We signed Mastewal up for soccer, we’ll probably hear from her coach sometime this week. We’ve got all the gear, just ready to put it to use.

I’ve finished two books now, since our return from Ethiopia. I highly recommend both:




I also watched this other PBS Wide Angle Story: The Market Maker

WIDE ANGLE travels to East Africa to tell the dramatic story of an Ethiopian economist on a mission. Seeking a market-based solution to ending hunger in her famine-plagued country, she creates Ethiopia’s first commodities exchange. What she didn’t count on was a world financial crisis getting in the way.

I guess I was a little disappointed with it, and want a follow up to the story. I’d like to see if she makes it to the farmers way out—and see if she is able to do what she originally set out to do. 

School starts in TWO WEEKS!