I lost all my photos from Saturday through this morning. The computer froze and stopped downloading–and my original were also deleted on the camera. I had some 10 month pics of Myer and Afton’s “first day of preschool” pics.  

Afton loved the first day of preschool and there were no issues at the “drop off”. Yesterday and today he screamed like crazy. The school has all my numbers to call but the they said he calms down easily and has a blast while there.  I feel like I just “sit on the phone” waiting for them to call. I think they say they give them 15 minutes and if they haven’t calmed down they call.  I’ve yet to receive the phone call. When we (me and Myer) go to pick him up he’s always bursting to tell me what he did on our walks home.  It’s really precious. He also enjoys seeing Myer and Myer enjoys seeing him.  

I don’t have a “routine” yet–other than we all get up, eat, we walk Mastewal to school, then walk back home. One hour later we walk Afton to school then walk back. Myer and I start to walk/stroll back around 11:45 to pick up Afton. We eat lunch. Afton naps (and the last two days, Myer has as well) and then at 2:45 we walk to the school and pick up Mastewal.  Then we walk back. Mastewal takes her medicine and Afton has a snack.  

On Monday and Tuesday we’ve had evening activities. Monday we met with Manny and Meskerem, and Emma and Deborah. The children had a wonderful time at the park and then we went to have pizza. They all played so well together. I learned a few more words in Amharic and enjoyed my time with Meskerem and Emma.  The children were so exhausted, came home got baths and went straight to bed. Yesterday, Mastewal had her second soccer practice, she’s getting into it and seems to be showing her true colors more and more 🙂

So today we have a “normal” day. No evening activities. I think I’ll actually make dinner today (since I’ve been struggling to do that).  The last 3 days I’ve felt blessed to have a few more moments of “free time” that I’ve quickly filled up with packing and preparing for my Ethiopia trip. I’ve been enjoying this new transition to school and I know we’ll soon have it all down pat.


2 responses to “09.02.2009

  • kasey

    hey heather, i found your page by searching ethiopia adoption and have been following your blog for a while, I happened to notice you live in the marietta/williamstown area… my husband and I live in parkersburg and have been discussing adoption in ethiopia. I would love to get some info/pick your brain about it all.

  • Gina

    Hello. I see above that someone commented about adoption. I found your blog here
    and wanted to ask the same thing. Thank you, you can reach me at tigiabra @ yahoo . com

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