ethiopia trip: 09.24.2009


Moved to the other Lewi (I’m tired of packing and unpacking). I will stay here the next tree nights. It’s nice.

Had breakfast. Joined by Wondeye.

Traveled around Awassa to several offices, finally found Awassa Childrens Project. Took a brief tour of the campus. Met a volunteer from Belgium, got another contact name and # for future volunteer opportunities. Invited to the show taking place on Saturday.

Awassa Childrens Project: Youth  Campus

Awassa Childrens Project: Youth Campus

One Love. One Fight.

One Love. One Fight.

Children's Artwork

Children's Artwork

Went to the Awassa Market. Fell down. Gave habesha a good laugh at this ferenge. Found out that not just children want to have their pictures taken with a digital camera 🙂

Awassa Market

Awassa Market

Eggs Anyone

Eggs Anyone

Take Our Photo Please

Take Our Photo Please

Traveled to Shashemene. RASTAland!  Visited a rastaman’s business and mini-museum. Something was in the air there….and there were a lot of happy and ANGRY people in this area. Went to the Shashemene market. Rode in a mini-taxi. CRAZY and CRAZY driver. I prefer the car, thank you very much.  I became obsessed with finding the mini tins that the children carry their lunch in for school.  Found them.  Then I wanted baskets that everyone seemed to have on their bikes.  A girl at the market helped us out tremendously, found the best place and looked the baskets over for me.  In the middle of my excursion I get a phone call from the US (Seth).  As if I needed something else to draw attention to myself, I’m standing in the middle of market…..the only white person around… guide/driver/friends a few feet away…..talking on a cell phone….feeling very uncomfortable with everyone staring at me.

View from the Mini Taxi

View from the Mini Taxi

Helpful girls in the Shashemene Market

Shashemene Market: Middle Girl Helped Me A Lot

Head back to Awassa.

Gave Wondeye birr to pay for his school uniform so he could attend school. Thanks for hanging out and beating trucks and kids off of me. I didn’t mind the kids 🙂 Thanks for helping me to not get ran over by trucks and gari at both markets. Thanks for helping me up from my fall at the market. Thanks for the constant reminders to “take care”.

Lunch was something that I didn’t order, but got anyway.

Dinner was fish and dabbo (I think) at a place with really cool chairs.


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