ethiopia trip: 09.26.2009


Meet Wondeye.

He shows bike and shoes. He is happy.

Wondeye and his new bike

It is Meskel.

Go to the fish market.

Love the kids. One girl grabs candy from my purse (on her own).

Eat Fish, PleaseI wanted what she had: Mango Popsicle

Have some awesome fish.

Cooking the FishYummyDSC_0300DSC_0308DSC_0309DSC_0307DSC_0305DSC_0310DSC_0315DSC_0316

Take some pictures.


Take in the view one more time.


Coffee Ceremony with Wondeye’s Family


Beef for Meskel


Go to lunch. Tebs anyone?

Go to AWASSA CHILDRENS PROJECT show. Supposed to start at 2pm.

Realize this is Ethiopia and it will start in another hour or so.

Have some cokes at Pinna.

Go to show.


Amazing. Awesome.  Love it.

Have machiatos.

Walk to fire for Meskel.

Everyone is celebrating. Everyone is walking.

This is when I believe Wondeye steals my camera.

Say goodbye to Wondeye.

Call it a Day.


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