Monthly Archives: December 2009

12.09.2009: The Haircut

So on a weeknight a couple of weeks ago, we decided that it was time for Afton’s first haircut. I actually loved his hair (the dreadlocks) but I didn’t love the crumbs, dog hair, food and mess that was always entangled in his hair. We decided on a little “fauxhawk”. I guess. I shed a tear.  I honestly didn’t like it at first. It’s growing on me now. The important thing is that he likes it-and it will grow out soon 🙂


12.01.2009: First Christmas Tree

The children enjoyed decorating their first Christmas Tree.

11.29.2009: Seth’s Birthday

I’m going to try to post “one a day” so I can catch up.

We celebrated Seth’s birthday by making him a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Torte.

12.01.2009: Afton Quote

Afton while getting dressed this morning.

“My back is long!”