12.25.2009: Afton

I really haven’t been giving much insight on this blog for a while now. I’m not really saying that I’m starting now-but I am going to mention something that gave me great joy at Christmas.


I truly believe he had the best time opening his gifts. He really enjoyed everything that he got and it was so fun to see his face and excitement after every gift that he opened.  I tried to capture him (in the last post of pics) opening his dinosaur, which was the one thing he’d asked Santa for—he loved it.  He also loved the puzzles, firetrucks, cars and everything.

He loved his stocking and stocking stuffers.  Like Halloween he stopped to enjoy some candy before continuing to open his other “stuffers”.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t fun to see both childrens’ excitement for their first Christmas, but Afton really made my day.


One response to “12.25.2009: Afton

  • Marilyn

    Since you’re going insightful, even if just for a moment…..I think your observations are a clue to how he ticks. One of the FUNNEST (made-up word) parts of parenting is getting a peek into what’s been put into a child and stirring it in as you go along with the other bits and pieces you learn about each one. I think of how Mary pondered things in her heart.

    Okay, somebody throw me a rope before I muse on about this for screens and screens. hahahahaha……love your pics!

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