01.07.2010: Merry Christmas

Today in Ethiopia, Christmas is being celebrated.

Today we are going to have our own little celebration. When I told Mastewal that it was Christmas in Ethiopia today, I honestly thought she’d ask me for a present. Instead, she said: “Good you can cook Ethiopian food”.  This was major for me.  1) She didn’t want to celebrate with gifts or presents 2) She actually thinks I can cook Ethiopian food to her satisfaction (or she would not have requested it, I’m sure).  So today we will hopefully run to store if the weather permits and all three children can cooperate.  I will pick up a few items and make a very minimal Ethiopian meal. Actually, it will be a vegetarian meal because I’m just doing shiro and gomen. I am also making a “Christmas Cake” with some leftover funfetti cake mix.  We’ll put out our Ethiopian tablecloth and the children will dress in their traditional clothes while we eat.  We’ll serve the cake with Addis Tea and Ethiopian Coffee. Sounds pretty good to me.  The kids get excited for a party and it’s a fun way to spend the day-snowed in-planning a little celebration and keeping their traditions alive.

Pictures to follow, if all goes well enough.


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