Monthly Archives: July 2010


Two months since my last post. I guess I started my summer vacation a little early.

I’m not going to do a recap tonight, but I’ve been pretty busy the last two months.

Lots of travel.

Home now. Ready to continue our summer “routine” of morning chores followed by lunch, nap and rest time then POOL.  Hoping there is no rain tomorrow.

I am signing up on Thursday to be a Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts

I’m not a super sales person but hope to achieve some personal goals.  If you go to the website and see something you like or are interested in, let me know. I would love to have a booming start. I can have a party, you can have a “party to go”, an internet order or take up an order.  There are some really functional items in some cool prints.  Check it out please! I would love to schedule some parties in the Mid-Ohio Valley, Kentucky and Michigan.