Seven Quick Takes Friday#1

I’ve wanted to participate in this for a while. Here goes.  If you’d also like to participate go over to

1. We (me and the kids) traveled to Kentucky this evening. It was an uneventful ride, really….besides all the construction on 64 and people’s bright lights.  I guess I don’t enjoy driving at night.

2. While driving the ipod (seth’s) was on shuffle.  random.  can definitely tell that it’s seth’s ipod. for every one song there are two dave matthews songs. not that i don’t like dave matthews, but c’mon.

3. mastewal is getting her hair braided to the ponytail tomorrow. woot woot.

4. i have a thirty-one show at mcdowell place tomorrow. i  hope to reach my goal of 12 parties/orders by the end of this week (the 28th).

5. i’m dressing up as snow white for our preschool halloween parties on wednesday and thursday. i’m excited.

6. thought a lot about ethiopia on the ride to kentucky this evening. thought about supporting an orphanage as a non-profit, i don’t know. i’m so scatter-brained about the endless needs and opportunities there.

7. i ordered an africa cookie cutter. i plan to use if for many things. i’m going to try being crafty and make a little onesie with africa on it. we’ll see how that turns out.

whew. 7 things.


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