Seven Quick Takes Friday #2

  1. Myer had his first speech therapy appointment. This was just one of the three assessments we’ve had for him over the last month. He has a significant speech delay. He is speaking at a 12 month old range, which means he has about a year delay. Our speech therapist gave some suggestions to try, which we will start working on this weekend.  We are happy to know that he has only a speech delay at this time and is on target with all other areas of development.
  2. I’m tired. I seem to forget I am no longer a stay at home mom. I work at preschool Monday-Thursday 9-12 and am a consultant for Thirty-One which has kept me quite busy. I also volunteer in Mastewal’s class on Friday mornings.  I had a couple of weekends of doing vendor booths and travel in October—AND—with last week being Myer’s Birthday and Halloween-I’m exhausted. We’ve also had soccer practices, games, Birth to Three evaluations, other birthday parties, and the list goes on and on.  I know I’m not alone with these feelings, but it sure starts to catch up with you. I am looking forward to this weekend and then Thanksgiving break that is just around the corner.
  3. Family Pictures. We had Amber take family photos for us this week. OH MY! I have no idea who showed up to the photo shoot, but my children certainly weren’t present. It was a DISASTER. I was losing my mind, really,  AND I was honestly embarrassed.  It was totally unbelievable. Maybe she’s trying to photoshop a decent picture together, because I would find it hard to believe that there was one “good” shot in the hour and half we were there.
  4. The very next day my kids were complimented on how well they were behaving in a restaurant.  I really wanted to say “you should have seen them yesterday”–but I refrained, because this is their typical behavior and I do feel fortunate.  My kids are well behaved in public-EXCEPT on FAMILY PHOTO DAY.  It is nice to be recognized for good behavior as well, especially because it was taking our food a really long time to be served.
  5. I’ve been reading a lot more about One Child Campaign and when I read about how it started and what it stands for I think about my trips to Ethiopia. Each time there has been a child that has impacted me.
  • The first trip was my very own children and the children we saw in Addis and the surrounding area.
  • My second trip to Awassa was Wondeye (one-day).
  • And my last trip (back to Awassa) was Ephraim.  I’ve been thinking about Ephraim lately.  I’d love to get an update on him. I played juetiny with him almost everyday in Awassa. I didn’t pester him, but I really wanted to know why he quit school and why he just hung out “gaming” all day with his friends. He was always up for a game. He never asked me for anything. He actually paid for most games of juetiny that we played also. He introduced me to apple merinda, which I didn’t know existed–I do love the orange merinda–but not the apple so much.  I wish I would have done more for him when I think back about it.

6. Myer is loving his Gator. This was a gift. He was unsure at first but has now taken owenership.  You have to pull him off and he’s always ready to go outside (even more now).

7. I’m thankful for my babysitter. Earlier in the school year, I scheduled to have a sitter come to the house one day a week (Wednesdays). It is nice. I don’t get a full mental break, but it has turned out to be wonderful to have a “free” afternoon. I’m also thankful for a friend who sweeps, mops and vacuums our floors once a week. It is refreshing to know it is getting done, and it smells wonderful. I can never get that done with the kids running around.



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