Quick Take Fridays #3

  1. black friday shopping. nope. tried to sleep in: nope. will work on africa onesies today, unless i change my mind and get into something else.
  2. i’m excited about a connection made with mandie joy and will be sending some shirts/onseies with her to uganda. i need to get rolling on this.
  3. nyc in two weeks. so excited to go with my friend on the bus trip to nyc at christmastime.  i have no idea what we will do, but it has to be magical to walk around nyc during the christmas season.
  4. thinking about doing the 32 before 32 list. i’ve seen someone else do this on her blog and i’m thinking about it.  32 things to do/accomplish/partake in before i’m 32. i’m thinking that i may cut in in half since i’m starting a little late 🙂 i thought about this because of my nyc day trip and i think ice skating in central park or at rockefeller center around the tree would be on my list, because i know it was on my list (at one point) of things i’d like to do in my life.
  5. mastewal watched beauty and the beast last night for the first time. i thought she had seen this movie for a while, but i guess not, which is amazing because i feel like they’ve (her and afton) watched a ton of movies since their arrival in the united states, we must have overlooked this particular disney movie.  maybe because disney just released it from “the vault” and it is part of their grand scheme to keep us buying every movie in every format at different points in time (vhs, dvd, blu-ray).
  6. i made an oat-n-honey granola pie yesterday. we all ate it. i’m making two more today. love this pie. i may also make a apple butter pumpkin pie. my contributions to the ongoing thanksgiving feast.
  7. and speaking of the pies, that is all that i accomplished yesterday. the rest of my time was spent doing absolutely nothing. it was nice.

if you would like to participate go to www.conversiondiary.com


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