Quick Takes Friday #4

  1. NYC this evening. Plans are to ice skate and shop. Can’t wait.
  2. Also have doctor appointments for boys today and a PID appointment on Monday for Mastewal. Which means pittsburgh.
  3. pittsburgh means ikea.  i’m really wanting bunk beds for the boys room and am impatient.  i know they have some that match the boys stuff.  hmmmmm.
  4. our tree. we purchased a real tree this year and i love it. it’s really a simple tree. we’ve also thought about how much less we have to store if we intend on buying a real tree next year—meaning we won’t have to store our artificial trees anymore.  the kids also enjoyed running through the little lot of trees while it was snowing.  mastewal amused me by saying “how did they grown all of the trees right here so fast?” not realizing that they were brought in and staked/propped up in the ground.
  5. africa tees, I’m sending my first round to Mandie who is working in Uganda.  My next round will go with OneChild to Ethiopia.  So excited about this.
  6. christmas shopping. i am finished with kids, except for small stocking items. just need to buy for a friend. decisions…decisions…maybe something will jump out at me in NYC.
  7. Again, NYC.  I’m really excited for the day getaway AND NYC at Christmastime.  I’m trying not to set  my expectation too high, but I’m just hoping for an enjoyable day.

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