Behind in blogging, again.

I have a lot to blog about, but don’t have permission to fully disclose on the blog at this time. I will on Monday, though…..and no we’re not adopting again.

I spent the holidays at home. Seth’s parents and Tesfa joined us for Christmas. The children enjoyed their gifts and time spent with family.

We had our share of illnesses. Mastewal contracted shingles.  Nothing to say about it, she’s recovered now. We do have wonderful doctors that give pretty accurate assessments from pictures taken with a phone of her rash.  A turtleneck allowed her to attend the last day of school before Christmas break, so she didn’t miss her party.

We had an Ethiopian meal with our friends and I shared it with Route 14 and the Hino Motor Plant while trying to drive my friend and her daughter back to their car that they had parked down the road. Injera makes me sick, apparently. The last three times I’ve had it–I’ve became ill.

Afton traveled with Nuna and PawPaw to Virginia and Kentucky for a week. The house was definitely quiet. I missed him. I know he had a blast, though. I took Mastewal to Pittsburgh for her PID appointment. Tesfa came along for the ride to help out with Myer.  It’s was a straightforward trip.

I saw The Black Swan with a friend.

We then traveled to Columbus to take Tesfa back. Another uneventful trip. We even got Mastewal’s hair done at the same place where I got ill last time (after injera).  (They remembered me ). Then on Thursday-Sunday Seth took Mastewal and Myer on a whirlwind trip to Kentucky to pick up Afton and Uncle Mikal and Aunt Alisha’s house. I had terrible congestion and killer headache on Thursday, so I decided not to travel.

It was so quiet at the house. I had never been here for that long of a time without anyone accompanying me (besides Roper).  I slept A LOT, and had time to recuperate.

And then our fresh new year week started—with changes. I resigned from my position at preschool due to the thing I cannot disclose today on the blog.  I took a little time to wrap up some Thirty-One business and grabbed a mocha after dropping the boys off at preschool.  I also tried to take care of some of the stuff from Christmas travels/mess.

So Tuesday-Thursday while the kids were at school I started walking-to gear up to do the Couch to 5K again.  I did this 2 or 3 summers ago and not because of any set resolution I started to think about what would make me feel better—and I remembered how good I felt when I was working toward that goal.  It was hard, but I did it.  So I was able to walk  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday—and it was nice.  It was cold and I was able to just let my mind wonder and let go of things that I just don’t have time to let go of while I’m managing everyone else.  It also allowed me to have uninterrupted time for myself. Loved it.


One response to “01.07.2011

  • Em Webb

    Love seeing your kids again. They are sooo big! Thanks for sharing this link on fb. I sure miss seeing you guys, but happy to see all is well. Blessings, Emily

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