Yesterday I was able to get out and do a snow walk. Keeping up with the plan, I put on my waterproof tennis shoes and new earwarmer headband and headed out.

In the afternoon I took Mastewal and Afton to see Tangled. We enjoyed it. We ate too much popcorn.

We had breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs, sausage and hashbrowns.  It was a lot of food. We don’t usually have this much for a meal, but thought it would be fun-plus we were using some some food that we had from the holidays.

It was really low key day. I worked on my blog layout a little.  I really like this new template and found my perfect “bird” picture as the header.  The photo is from my last trip to Ethiopia. I intend on doing some more with the blog (adding links/deleting links, adding my last trip (May 2010) to Ethiopia, finishing up some other posts from my 2009 Ethiopia trip as well).

I ended my day watching Pretty Woman and The Soup on television and falling asleep.  This is how many days end around here. Always crashing from exhaustion.

Christmas Eve Pictures


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