rockin’ mama challenge: day 1

Day One

January 10, 2011


I was stiff through the entire rocking. She released herself after a few minutes and relaxed. I kept thinking about how big she is-she has really grown up so much. I also thought about how this may have been the longest uninterrupted time that we’ve spent together without her doing something deliberate for more attention or to be disruptive. We were silent. I thought about how she hadn’t been held by her mother in a very long time.

I wondered what she thought. I tried not to look at the watch or clock. I made it until 6:55 (10 minutes)

**I told Mastewal early in the day that me and her would be doing something special every day: “rocking” She looked at me like I was crazy but then smiled as she turned away from me**

She asked Seth about it during her walk home from school and she also mentioned or questioned me about it in the afternoon. Both indicators to me that she was on board with the challenge.


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