rockin’ mama challenge: day 2

Day Two

January 11, 2011


I allowed talking this time. She laid her head on my shoulder. Because I was tense it was really painful for my shoulder for 15 minutes.

She has an ice breaker: “Where did you get that picture?”

“From Ikea”

“What does it say by the cherries?”

“It is the artist’s name”

She then states that she had “two stomach grumbles” during yesterday’s rocking.


“yesterday, I almost fell asleep”

At the end of the 15 minutes we shared a hot out of the oven cookie, that she had chosen from the store when we were out earlier in the day.

Again, I tried to not glance at the time. I made it to the 10 minute mark, again.

When offering the time to rock this evening, she quickly jumped up



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