rockin’ mama challenge: day 4

Day 4



The kids were on a roll today.  All of their behavior seems desperate to me.

When the boys are settled in bed, I ask if Mastewal wants to rock.

She curls up in my lap.  Her head on my chest.

Her ice breaker: “why do you wear long earrings?”

I say “they are not long.” because they are not.

Eyeballs and Eyelashes

what are eyeballs made of

how do they make earrings?

how do they make the holes in your ears?

I make it to the 10 minute mark, again.

Around this time she starts making a chirping sound.

I thought I was going to resist the urge to tell her to stop, but she continued for an entire 60 seconds.

I could not take it.

I told her that I would like to continue rocking her but the chirping was irritating.

She stopped.


Today during the rocking I didn’t notice tension. But I did notice that I do not make eye contact with her. I know I am like this with everyone in intimate situation. Even though we are close I will keep a distance.


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