So many thoughts this week.

Receiving the word at church. Trying to take it in. Whew.

MLK day….many great posts and quotes shared from this man. Can’t get my mind wrapped around it to post.

Church activity=fun way to spend Monday, since we’ve had so many SNOW DAYS.

Seth – sick

Myer sick – then ER visit.

Trying to keep up with the rockin’ mama challenge.  Feeling challenged.

Trying to keep up with the Couch to 5K. Feeling like I’m failing, because with illness and inability to attend preschool, then my schedule is OFF.  I did however at least get to run on Sunday 🙂

Thinking about the move.

Thinking about my relationship with God.

Thinking about where I am, where I would like to be.

Taking it all in.

****This post really spoke to me from onethankfulmom.com****

As a mom, I”ve put a TON of WEIGHT on all that I can/can’t do, and want to do for my children. I cannot heal them.

Lisa provides the gentle reminder that we should lay it down to the Great Healer.

Why have I forgotten this? It’s time to start laying down…and let the healing begin.



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