rockin’ mama challenge: day 8

Day 8




We continued some conversation from earlier.

We talked about things that have scared her.

She mentioned when I took her to tour the school before she started kindergarten. When it was just me and her going into the classroom a couple of months after arriving in the United States.

I also asked her if she could remember a time that she was really happy.

She said, “the first day we went to the pool”.


She also mentioned being scared at home when her door is open and it is dark, she thinks she sees people outside of her room.

I tell her that is why I always close the doors of the closet in my room–and always have.

We talked about “the move”.

I tell her there will likely be more “brown people” there.

She seems happy with that.

We end up talking about dating, somehow.

She doesn’t shy away from the topic today she says she will date when she is in high school—and high school starts in 6th grade here (where we currently live).

No way.

I said maybe when you are 17 (which is when she is a senior)–or maybe you can just wait.

She then asks about boyfriends that I’ve had and points out the obvious that I had a boyfriend in highschool.

She always finds this amusing that there were people that both Seth and I dated before we were married.


****Tonight the rocking was relaxing and fun. It wasn’t serious. Which I liked. I wish she would just let go more often and not be as uptight with me, because I know she is a fun girl.  Everyone else gets to experience, and I’m happy to have a little taste this evening****



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