1. On Monday, I tried these: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. Easy to apply, still looking decent after 5 days.  A little treat.  I did the “laced up” print, which I think looks more like flowery snakeskin.
  2. Yesterday, we watched a few videos from our time in Ethiopia when picking up Afton and Mastewal. It was unreal. Afton was so little (so was Mastewal). We had a video of us riding from the airport to the new flower. the visual and sounds….took me back there….immediately. i can’t believe it was almost two years ago.
  3. the move. Wish there was something to report. i’m ready to get things rolling.
  4. myer is recovering from his stomach bug, although he had a fever yesterday and vomited again today. I think he is just pushing himself to do too much today, because we’re having another snow day and both Mastewal and Afton are here to run around with.
  5. I was reading and article in  Marie Claire with Ethiopian Supermodel Liya Kebede: I had heard of her Ethiopian clothing line, it is available at JCrew, a bit pricey, but I thought it was nice to know that she used weavers in Ethiopia to make the clothing. At the end of her article the Marie Claire interviewer asks: “what do you think is the biggest misconception people have about Ethiopia?”  She answered with: “It’s not just Ethiopia, but Africa in general—most of the media concentrates on what’s not going well. But there is so much beauty there. When you go, it changes everything. It changes you, your life, and the way you see things. The challenge is changing the image of Africa that’s been anchored in people for years now.”  SO TRUE
  6. Picked this up to read again. The library worker said, “enjoy”….”if that’s what you’re supposed to do with that”. I read this book pre-adoption, so that I’d be prepared. Along with many other books about all the possibilities of everything that can happen after bringing home your children….AND….adoption in general. I’m certain I’ve suffered from Post Adoption Depression Syndrome.  More adoptive parents should talk about this.
  7. We picked up Despicable Me to watch together.  I loved the little one liners, the music the ultimate message—BUT— I could have done without the terrible adoption messages sent and the “shame box” images.  It really didn’t sink in with the kids, but it was upsetting to see this and it’s upsetting that the message is sent again–that kids can just be returned and taken back on a whim.  I made sure that the kids knew it was just a cartoon and not “real life”. Afton was oblivious and I think his favorite part of the movie was “my name is Vector”  (really—he’s random).  I think Mastewal enjoyed the dancing, especially because I think she shares some of the same moves as Gru.

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