rockin’ mama challenge: day 11

Day 11




Rocked about an hour earlier today.

She spent a lot of time making up her own lyrics to

“there was an old lady who swallowed a fly”

cracking herself up

Asked me some personal questions.

I answered to the best of my ability.

She questioned about the date of our move,

I’m noticing that this is a recurring topic of conversations during the rocking.

She must be thinking about it a lot.

Join the club šŸ™‚

I didn’t look at the watch/clock/timer.


I thought about the rocking differently this time.

There is always something going on here.

I start to wonder how larger families make time for all of their children. I’m not saying this is impossible, but there is always motion.

I don’t dive too much into these thoughts, because it’s not me or my family, and I’ve tried to learn to not “take on” things and worry about things in other people’s families. Because I have enough concern with my own.

I just know that we have to pick a time and it always feels like we are “squeezing” the rocking in–and how it shouldn’t be this way.



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