Seven Quick Takes Friday #2/2011

  1. nail in the swagger wagon tire this week AND lost a hubcap. awesome. you know you can’t top that.
  2. the snow days are really out of control around here. i don’t know what else to say. i know its dangerous in some areas, but i know i reached my limit on wednesday, because i usually don’t mind them–but enough is enough.
  3. the workshop. love it. and my hair is getting long. woot.woot. seriously, if you need some upkeep go see amber at the workshop.
  4. so today i drove the kids to kentucky to surprise my mom for her birthday (yesterday). it was a true surprise for her. the kids were great as usual on the car ride.  we stopped at target in huntington for a break and then in lexington for chipotle lunch and a quick trip to meijer.  we picked up balloons, a flower and a cake.  parked a couple of houses down and walked up to the door to surprise her.
  5. david crowder band’s remake of flyleaf’s all round me song. wow. i love it. listened to it several times on the way to kentucky today.
  6. starting to think about when i can get back to ethiopia. would love to go at easter time, if easter falls differently there–so i don’t miss easter here. i was daydreaming about a move there—how and when—unknown.
  7. rockin’ mama challenge: going well. i’m grateful to my mom this evening, she questions whether or not i’d rocked mastewal today, urging me to do so–even though it was later than I would have liked for her to be up (9pm). so i did.

you can participate as well go to


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