rockin’ mama challenge: day 15

day 15




she is very angry when it is time to rock

from previous conversations

she plops down on me with her back to me

i said we did not have to rock if she didn’t want to

she did

she says she doesn’t want to talk

begins snapping fingers

i say nothing


i think she wants me to

i ask one time if there is something she want to talk about

if something is bothering her

she begins talking to me about school

and a writing assigment that is due friday

she says she only has 4 words completed and it’s supposed to be a story

i can tell she is bothered by this also—because it is a contest

she talks about this for 10 minutes

she is stressed

she is a perfectionist

she is setting the standards high for herself


although she is stressed and angry today I walked away from the rocking with a sense of happiness

she opened up to me about what is going on with her

which explains some behavior

and i didn’t have to pry the information out of her


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