7 Quick Takes Friday: #3/2011

  1. thanks to readers: Thanks for all the emails, facebook messages etc. regarding the rockin’ mama challenge. I’m just putting myself out there, because I know there are other families that may have similar struggles and I think there comfort in knowing you are not alone.
  2. illnesses: whew.  this week has set me back a little.  I feel like I’ve had a little bit of everything and now as I finish up this post (on Sunday instead of Friday) I have some type of eye irritation that has my eye looking a little pink and bloodshot.
  3. africa: I’m ready to go back. haha. no surprise there. maybe whenever this move happens i’ll be able to work on that a little more 🙂
  4. tax return: completed.  happy about this.  i’m always relieved to get it done.
  5. myer is coming along with his speech.  he’s made significant progress since we began therapy in the fall. my favorite right now is when i pick him up from preschool and he runs to me saying “momma”. he said “momma” before but he just seems to be putting more thoughts and words together.
  6. sleepovers. i found myself getting choked up when i dropped mastewal off at a sleepover this weekend. she has good friends here. it really makes me happy to see how people love and accept her….and how enthusiastically they greet her.
  7. afton: he made it one night without an accident. it was awesome. we’re working on this. he also seems really interested in new york right now.  he actually read the words the other day on a sticker and has been talking about it since. he’s even gone to the bookshelf and grabbed the new york tourist book to read over.

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