7 Quick Take Fridays: #4/2011

  1. Afton’s Birthday: We had a wonderful party today for Aftio! He turned 5 years old. We enjoyed a good time with some family and friends.
  2. I was able to ship 15 shirts/onesies for Mandie in Uganda!
  3. Today was a hectic day. Party planning. Cleaning the house or shifting stuff around so it doesn’t appear that 5 people, a dog and a tornado live here…because a realtor also came today. AND I’m still not packed to leave tonight for North Carolina–and it’s 11:26.  We’re not leaving tonight, it will be early morning.
  4. Illness. Yuck. I am tired of it. We making our rounds again with congestion, runny noses and coughs. We’ve had our share, I’d like for it to move out of this household.
  5. Stuff. Wow. Isn’t it funny how much stuff we all have? I’ve noticed that we still seems to have a lot of “stuff” even though I feel like I make a weekly run to the Goodwill.
  6. Househunting. We are going tonight early morning to NC to house hunt/check the area out. We will be staying two nights one night with my friend Heather who I’ve known since second grade.  How fun is that? To end up in the same place after these years that our lives have taken us in different directions. I look forward to the “break”.
  7. Roper. We need to find him a home. He needs more attention than what we are able to give at the moment. He’s a wonderful dog. He’s great with kids. He’s an enthusiastic greeter and housetrained.  You know anyone?

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