From NC:

So we ended up leaving around 1:30am early Saturday morning and arrived in NC at my friends house in the morning. We were so tired. After showering we did a ride around of the area. Ummm. I slept through most of it and felt terrible, with sore throat and headache. We have mexican for lunch and then Heather had some friends over and we had chili!  It was so nice visiting and staying with my friend.

On Sunday, we attended church, had lunch and went around looking at different areas and taking down information. We ended the day with moving to the hotel and grabbing some snacks for our stay.

On Monday, Heather met me at the hotel and we went to the property management company and I picked three homes to check out. I already had my mind set on one of them.  I loved the second property and I think it was evident that this was the place I wanted based on location, school, the home…everything. Heather, her daugther and I had a nice lunch downtown at Pierro’s (sp) and then met up with Seth. Seth and I then went back to “the house” and looked around a little more. Upon returning the keys they receptionist informed us that someone had put that property “on hold” and that I could call back on Wednesday afternoon to see if they had followed through. Ugh. I was crushed.


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