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Two years ago we were united with Mastewal and Afton in Ethiopia.



We had 4 snow days this week. Is that right? I lost count. Seth went down to Fayetteville, Wednesday-Friday. Whew. Kids all day and night by myself. It truly wasn’t bad. But with so many days off in a row, we ended up having a different schedule, which became the norm–for the week.

We were able to go sledding, the kids enjoyed it. I enjoyed it.


Yesterday I was able to get out and do a snow walk. Keeping up with the plan, I put on my waterproof tennis shoes and new earwarmer headband and headed out.

In the afternoon I took Mastewal and Afton to see Tangled. We enjoyed it. We ate too much popcorn.

We had breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs, sausage and hashbrowns.  It was a lot of food. We don’t usually have this much for a meal, but thought it would be fun-plus we were using some some food that we had from the holidays.

It was really low key day. I worked on my blog layout a little.  I really like this new template and found my perfect “bird” picture as the header.  The photo is from my last trip to Ethiopia. I intend on doing some more with the blog (adding links/deleting links, adding my last trip (May 2010) to Ethiopia, finishing up some other posts from my 2009 Ethiopia trip as well).

I ended my day watching Pretty Woman and The Soup on television and falling asleep.  This is how many days end around here. Always crashing from exhaustion.

Christmas Eve Pictures

Pre-Preschool Photos of Boys

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I hope to start blogging again soon. At least posting pictures.  All of the children have started school.  Mastewal entered the second grade.  Myer started preschool for the first time. Afton returned to preschool.  This was Mastewal’s second week-and the boys first week. It was also my first week at the preschool teaching/assisting.  Lots to work out and get used to before this becomes routine.


March 2009

March 2010


Oh my.

I just checked to see when my last blog post was and it was a month ago. Definitely let this go for a while. I don’t really know where the month of February went to be honest.

Afton turned 4, but we didn’t have a party as planned because he got sick.

Myer was sick.

Mastewal got pneumonia. She started her ARV’s.

We had numerous snow days.

We had a trip to Michigan.

Afton and I went to Disney on Ice with some friends.

I will follow up with pictures soon, but it seems that it is now my turn to be attacked with illness.