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Two years ago we were united with Mastewal and Afton in Ethiopia.


Seven Quick Takes Friday #2/2011

  1. nail in the swagger wagon tire this week AND lost a hubcap. awesome. you know you can’t top that.
  2. the snow days are really out of control around here. i don’t know what else to say. i know its dangerous in some areas, but i know i reached my limit on wednesday, because i usually don’t mind them–but enough is enough.
  3. the workshop. love it. and my hair is getting long. woot.woot. seriously, if you need some upkeep go see amber at the workshop.
  4. so today i drove the kids to kentucky to surprise my mom for her birthday (yesterday). it was a true surprise for her. the kids were great as usual on the car ride.  we stopped at target in huntington for a break and then in lexington for chipotle lunch and a quick trip to meijer.  we picked up balloons, a flower and a cake.  parked a couple of houses down and walked up to the door to surprise her.
  5. david crowder band’s remake of flyleaf’s all round me song. wow. i love it. listened to it several times on the way to kentucky today.
  6. starting to think about when i can get back to ethiopia. would love to go at easter time, if easter falls differently there–so i don’t miss easter here. i was daydreaming about a move there—how and when—unknown.
  7. rockin’ mama challenge: going well. i’m grateful to my mom this evening, she questions whether or not i’d rocked mastewal today, urging me to do so–even though it was later than I would have liked for her to be up (9pm). so i did.

you can participate as well go to


We had 4 snow days this week. Is that right? I lost count. Seth went down to Fayetteville, Wednesday-Friday. Whew. Kids all day and night by myself. It truly wasn’t bad. But with so many days off in a row, we ended up having a different schedule, which became the norm–for the week.

We were able to go sledding, the kids enjoyed it. I enjoyed it.

01.10.2011: We’re Relocating

So our big news is that we are moving. Seth was offered a position at the DuPont in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We are trying to take one step at a time and be patient, but it is a big deal to move us and our family. There are so many things to work out and plan. We wanted a move for a while and now that it’s actually here-it’s crazy.

More to follow—AND—I’ll let you know a little more about the rockin’ mama challenge that I’m participating in for the next 28 days.


Yesterday I was able to get out and do a snow walk. Keeping up with the plan, I put on my waterproof tennis shoes and new earwarmer headband and headed out.

In the afternoon I took Mastewal and Afton to see Tangled. We enjoyed it. We ate too much popcorn.

We had breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs, sausage and hashbrowns.  It was a lot of food. We don’t usually have this much for a meal, but thought it would be fun-plus we were using some some food that we had from the holidays.

It was really low key day. I worked on my blog layout a little.  I really like this new template and found my perfect “bird” picture as the header.  The photo is from my last trip to Ethiopia. I intend on doing some more with the blog (adding links/deleting links, adding my last trip (May 2010) to Ethiopia, finishing up some other posts from my 2009 Ethiopia trip as well).

I ended my day watching Pretty Woman and The Soup on television and falling asleep.  This is how many days end around here. Always crashing from exhaustion.

Christmas Eve Pictures

Seven Quick Takes Friday#1

I’ve wanted to participate in this for a while. Here goes.  If you’d also like to participate go over to

1. We (me and the kids) traveled to Kentucky this evening. It was an uneventful ride, really….besides all the construction on 64 and people’s bright lights.  I guess I don’t enjoy driving at night.

2. While driving the ipod (seth’s) was on shuffle.  random.  can definitely tell that it’s seth’s ipod. for every one song there are two dave matthews songs. not that i don’t like dave matthews, but c’mon.

3. mastewal is getting her hair braided to the ponytail tomorrow. woot woot.

4. i have a thirty-one show at mcdowell place tomorrow. i  hope to reach my goal of 12 parties/orders by the end of this week (the 28th).

5. i’m dressing up as snow white for our preschool halloween parties on wednesday and thursday. i’m excited.

6. thought a lot about ethiopia on the ride to kentucky this evening. thought about supporting an orphanage as a non-profit, i don’t know. i’m so scatter-brained about the endless needs and opportunities there.

7. i ordered an africa cookie cutter. i plan to use if for many things. i’m going to try being crafty and make a little onesie with africa on it. we’ll see how that turns out.

whew. 7 things.

Return to Blogging

I hope to start blogging again soon. At least posting pictures.  All of the children have started school.  Mastewal entered the second grade.  Myer started preschool for the first time. Afton returned to preschool.  This was Mastewal’s second week-and the boys first week. It was also my first week at the preschool teaching/assisting.  Lots to work out and get used to before this becomes routine.