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I hope to start blogging again soon. At least posting pictures.  All of the children have started school.  Mastewal entered the second grade.  Myer started preschool for the first time. Afton returned to preschool.  This was Mastewal’s second week-and the boys first week. It was also my first week at the preschool teaching/assisting.  Lots to work out and get used to before this becomes routine.


“Fourth” or “Real” Last Day

I’ve packed my office. 

Yesterday, after hearing the news from the doctor that she would be induced on Monday, the birthmom and I stood in the parking lot.  I got a tear in my eye and stated “I think I’m going to cry” and birthmom said “Don’t, because if you do I’ll be a mess also.” The tear was RELIEF. I couldn’t believe that we had an actual date for the baby, and there is an end in sight. 

On the car ride home we joked again about today being my fourth last day at work….and then she looked at me and said “no, it’s your real last day”. What a statement. It implied a lot, coming from her.

Right now I have a peace about it all. I’m glad I’m in this place at this moment. I’m in a better state of mind and feeling better than I imagined I would be at this time. Who knows how I will be doing in a few hours or another day, but today…I’m happy and I’m good.

Third Last Day

Well I’ve just about made it through my THIRD LAST DAY at work.  Birthmom called earlier to ask how my “third last day” was going. We laughed a little more and talked about all the possibilities for tomorrow. She’s packing again, and we’re already packed (again).

I will probably try to tidy up the house a little more this evening, just in case. Maybe I’ll wash some bottles and read up on how to prepare the formula.  We also need to find a sitter for Roper, when the time is actually here.  That will be a very spontaneous request, I’m sure.  

Wouldn’t want to watch this dog?

No Baby

No Baby Today.  She will go back to the doctor on Thursday. We had a car load full of stuff for this doctor visit today (her stuff + mine) and Seth had his bag packed ready to go from work.  At least now I will have another day to pack better 🙂

I guess I don’t really know what to write at this point.  Maybe some of you are wondering what we (birthmom and I) talk about during these visits.  Today we talked about her house being haunted, Halloween and Halloween Costume and feeling to sick or anxious to eat at this point. We also talked about this particular CiCi’s Pizza that is advertised along the way but we’ve never actually seen on all these trips. I also told her the story of a time when I thought a burglar was breaking in our house and ripped my toenail off trying to barricade myself in the upstairs bathroom (when it turn out to be a supersoaker watergun falling down the cellar steps 🙂

While we were waiting for the doctor in the room today…we actually talked about how we were so ready for today to be “the day” but terrified and not ready for today to be “the day”.   We talked about everything and nothing at the same time. It’s really been a joy and blessing to have this time with her–and I say that sincerely. Sometimes when my anxiety gets the best of me, honestly, I wish that I didn’t have to go through this and have so much contact. At the same time I feel that this is the way it should be. Me knowing her and her knowing me. Somedays it feels like the seconds are taking hours as we drive to the doctor…waiting to hear some news….and sometimes I can’t believe we don’t have a longer time to spend together before the birth.

Tomorrow will be my 3rd last day at work. We also had a good laugh about that today.


Seth’s birthday is November 29

Thanksgiving = 27th

Court Date = 28th

Seth’s Birthday = 29th

In my  previous post I meant that Seth’s birthday was the day after court (hopefully an early birthday present)

**Today I semi-resigned from my position.  Our director stopped by after I had called her, we talked, and I will call her after we know how the domestic will pan out….if we bring him home for good….I’ve resigned, if not I will continue to work for a while until we pass court.**

So, since I’m going to the doctor tomorrow with birthmom, this may be my last day.  

Wow! Not really how I thought this was going to work out, but I’ll take it! I had dreaded this conversation, because I have enjoyed my time at First Care Services…and it has been a very nice Social Work job to have. But I want to be a stay at home mom more… this is the way it will be.

audit is over

I’m relieved. Nothing major found.

being audited

as i type.  haha

she’s sitting in the other room…going through 10 of my charts.  Most of them were closed charts: actually 60% are closed….and only 20% are cases that I actually opened since starting to work here. so my odds are good 🙂

maybe i’ll have something more fun to post about soon…..children and minivans 🙂