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Seven Quick Takes Friday#1

I’ve wanted to participate in this for a while. Here goes.  If you’d also like to participate go over to

1. We (me and the kids) traveled to Kentucky this evening. It was an uneventful ride, really….besides all the construction on 64 and people’s bright lights.  I guess I don’t enjoy driving at night.

2. While driving the ipod (seth’s) was on shuffle.  random.  can definitely tell that it’s seth’s ipod. for every one song there are two dave matthews songs. not that i don’t like dave matthews, but c’mon.

3. mastewal is getting her hair braided to the ponytail tomorrow. woot woot.

4. i have a thirty-one show at mcdowell place tomorrow. i  hope to reach my goal of 12 parties/orders by the end of this week (the 28th).

5. i’m dressing up as snow white for our preschool halloween parties on wednesday and thursday. i’m excited.

6. thought a lot about ethiopia on the ride to kentucky this evening. thought about supporting an orphanage as a non-profit, i don’t know. i’m so scatter-brained about the endless needs and opportunities there.

7. i ordered an africa cookie cutter. i plan to use if for many things. i’m going to try being crafty and make a little onesie with africa on it. we’ll see how that turns out.

whew. 7 things.


thank you sesame street


“Pick up your feet, because I’m steppin’ on toes today.” Jim Mike Ward, FBCW

ummm. you did. thankyouverymuch. seth asked me how it felt when i said that he had stepped on my toes.  i said he stomped on them and it felt wonderful.

i thought about many things during the service yesterday.  the message was about “what’s in you?” meaning what “comes out” when you are squeezed, tested…etc.  what comes out is what’s been going in. i have to say that the message really spoke to me and what’s been coming out of me since the adoptions.  whew. i also have admittingly not been putting the “good stuff” in. i have struggled with prayer and devotion and a relationship with god since bringing the children home. i’d like to say it’s because i haven’t had enough time, but really: i haven’t made time.  i have made time for other things: blog reading, facebook, internet, etc.  our pastor also gave a challenge: take the total amount of time that we spend on facebook/internet, etc. and spend one-tenth of that time in personal bible study with god.  what?  that seems so manageable. i honestly am not one to spend much time updating my status, but i do check it out to see what everyone else is posting. i do, however; frequently check my email.

so yesterday i tried to be more aware of how much time i was spending on the internet. it wasn’t too much, really. i did spend some time ordering a simply love t-shirt from so i can be entered to win a trip to ethiopia. i also made some other purchases did some browsing for birthday party ideas. at night i broke out my joyce meyer devotional (that i had purchased a while back because mary j. blige stated she carried it with her in her bag in a magazine that i read) while reading phillipians 4:19 i really tried to take time and let it sink in. i also did something that jim mike stated that we don’t do so much as anymore: memorize scripture. so i did it. i said it over and over with my eyes closed until i could repeat it without peeking 🙂  i also journaled for the first time in a long time–at least since my may trip to ethiopia. whew.  a lot of baby steps for one day.  and this was only step 1 of the 3 steps that were outlined in the message.

it also makes me wonder what other people took away from the message yesterday. i know there are many sundays that i hear what is going on and i have many other thoughts throughout the message—ranging from lists for birthdays to how i am going to get back to ethiopia this summer and i wonder if i am going to be able to find a place to rent—and am i able to narrow my focus so i can determine what i really want to be doing in ethiopia. maybe i wouldn’t have so much trouble if i gave it to god and stop trying to figure it out on my own.


I’m doing this.

Check it out.

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