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attorney meeting

The first meeting with our attorney went better than I had expected. I had an idea in my head of what an attorney would be like…..and she was the opposite. I walk away from the meeting feeling like a weight has been lifted.  My main concerns were about things that didn’t seem to be that big of a deal. I have been constantly worried about whether or not it is okay to travel out of state with “maybe baby” once in our care, but before the the six months is up and the adoption is final. I was also very worried about how it would be perceived or if it was “allowed” for us to travel to Ethiopia to adopt “M” during that initial six months, while leaving “maybe baby” in other family member’s care.  It seems as if we are in the clear.  I don’t know why I needed assurance that it was okay to do both of those things…but, those thoughts have been constantly nagging me for a while…and it’s nice to have answers. 

Now, we do what we’ve done for the last year and eight months: WAIT


the shoes fit

We were able to view a picture yesterday that showed “M” wearing her sandals that we sent over in the first package.  The sandals seemed  to fit.  My quest for more shoes in her size will begin 🙂

Today–we meet with an attorney to discuss the domestic adoption plans. I thought I’d feel more sure about where we are in that process–but that’s not the way I feel today. It is exactly what I thought it would be like….UNCERTAIN.  Only 7-9 more weeks to go.

We received more

This morning I received more photos of “M” in my inbox.  I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling. We have “play by play” pictures of her opening our second package….with the sunglasses on her head that we sent in package #1.  She seems so happy. I lost it when I saw the picture of her looking at us (in a picture). Seth called from work immediately and we shared a moment looking at our daughter, teary eyed. 

Thank you Ryan and Meg!

Not the Day I was hoping for

but the day I got instead.

I thought I’d be on my way to a doctor’s appointment with the birthmother today, but the visit was once again canceled. I was bummed about it last night–moments after she called–but in some ways relieved, if that makes any sense.

So today I got work earlier than anticipated.

Looking forward to lunch with a friend tomorrow….meeting with the attorney on Friday…..and the long weekend.


New Photo

We received another new photo last night! It was taken on Monday (I think).  Great start to the weekend! I also talked to a local pediatrician–and things are definitely falling into place. We have a lot more to accomplish, but we’re slowly making progress.

Thank you April and Sean!

Right Now

I should be on my way to meet the birthmom for a doctor appointment, but she had to cancel because she wasn’t feeling well.  I’ll admit, I’m a little bummed because I thought we may find out if the baby is a boy or girl today. I can’t believe she only has approximately two more months to go–and we still don’t know. I’ve actually been happy with not knowing, it’s been easier for me. I haven’t purchased a lot of gender specific things that may not be used if it falls through–and I’m not really too fond of the “neutral” things I have seen. BUT I’ve started to become a little panicky this week, thinking that her due date is just around the corner…and it’s possible that she could deliver early….and I feel unprepared. Unprepared because, honestly, I’ve spent the last four months convincing myself that she will change her mind. I’m more prepared for her to make that decision, than I am for her to actually choose to let us parent her child. THIS WEEK, it has started to sink in that it’s very possible that we will have a newborn in two months!  We’ve done so much to prepare for our international adoption–and I definitely feel more prepared for “M”, but there are so many things that I want to accomplish before the birth of our “first” child–and I feel like I am running out of time. 

***While typing this post, birthmom has called and has a new appointment for Tuesday morning!***

*****Our dossier is now in Ethiopia, hopefully being translated*****

BBQ Reception: August 16