7 Quick Takes Friday: #6/2011

  1. Long time since a post. We moved to North Carolina. I got into a new schedule and just really haven’t felt up to posting, because I honestly didn’t and still don’t know where to start. After some thinking and pondering over a phone conversation over a week (or two) ago, I am now ready to get back in the groove–OR–at least do this weekly post.
  2. The “Y”. Wow.  Since we moved here I have joined the YMCA. This is where Afton attends preschool and since I was dropping him off everyday I figured I could go in and walk or do something, and leave Myer in the Child Watch there.  So, because I was going to the “Y” I started the Couch to 5K again.
  3. Couch to 5K. I am technically on the last day of week 6.  Ready to run for 25 minutes straight.  I’ve been taking a little more time in between runs for my body to recuperate.  I do feel like I have more endurance and I can run for a longer period of time without stopping now.  I’m going to pick a 5k in the area and work toward running my first race this summer.
  4. The kids have adjusted well.  We live across the back field of the elementary school and Mastewal has been able to walk with friends to and from school. She has also made friends with neighbors, who are also in her class and even had sleepovers.  Mastewal actually went to her first school dance tonight, I know she had a great time. Afton loves his preschool as well.  The teacher stated that “it’s like he’s been here all along”.
  5. The Beach. We live less than two hours from Myrtle Beach. We’ve been twice since we moved here. I think I am going to like that perk 🙂
  6. Myer has been participating in speech therapy here as well. We’ve actually been doing two sessions a week.  He really enjoys his time with his therapist and seems to be vocalizing a lot more.
  7. Last but not least I’m headed to Ethiopia NEXT WEEK, I will be visiting with CFI Drop In Center and visiting the school. I will also be visiting Grace for Ethiopia and last but not least I will get to visit with the family and our child that we sponsored through Childrens Hopechest/Hope for His Children.


Two years ago we were united with Mastewal and Afton in Ethiopia.


So on this day two years ago, we landed in Ethiopia.


Today, I am reminded that I REALLY need to complete my post-adoption reports for M & A.  I am procrastinating.

I am wrapped up in the details of our move and the hopeful sale of our house.

The details are wearing me out.

I am tired at the end of the day.

Feeling exposed as many people involved in the move/sale have began to invade our home.

Trying to keep it looking “as good as it gets” for those visitors.

Wanting to hear about the place we hope to call home in NC tomorrow, but realizing that I may now have to wait until Thursday–because of one more piece of paper.

This feels familiar. Waiting.

7 Quick Take Fridays: #5/2011

so i went ahead with this post, even though i never finished. my mind went missing. those were things i intended on elaborating on, but never did.

  1. Our house is on the market! It’s kind of weird, but I’m excited. Time to get movin’ on this move.
  2. We may have our home in NC lined up. We will probably find out next week. Excited about this! It was one that we were told was not available last week.
  3. Stuff
  4. pimped out wheels
  5. roper
  6. ethiopia trip


From NC:

So we ended up leaving around 1:30am early Saturday morning and arrived in NC at my friends house in the morning. We were so tired. After showering we did a ride around of the area. Ummm. I slept through most of it and felt terrible, with sore throat and headache. We have mexican for lunch and then Heather had some friends over and we had chili!  It was so nice visiting and staying with my friend.

On Sunday, we attended church, had lunch and went around looking at different areas and taking down information. We ended the day with moving to the hotel and grabbing some snacks for our stay.

On Monday, Heather met me at the hotel and we went to the property management company and I picked three homes to check out. I already had my mind set on one of them.  I loved the second property and I think it was evident that this was the place I wanted based on location, school, the home…everything. Heather, her daugther and I had a nice lunch downtown at Pierro’s (sp) and then met up with Seth. Seth and I then went back to “the house” and looked around a little more. Upon returning the keys they receptionist informed us that someone had put that property “on hold” and that I could call back on Wednesday afternoon to see if they had followed through. Ugh. I was crushed.

7 Quick Take Fridays: #4/2011

  1. Afton’s Birthday: We had a wonderful party today for Aftio! He turned 5 years old. We enjoyed a good time with some family and friends.
  2. I was able to ship 15 shirts/onesies for Mandie in Uganda!
  3. Today was a hectic day. Party planning. Cleaning the house or shifting stuff around so it doesn’t appear that 5 people, a dog and a tornado live here…because a realtor also came today. AND I’m still not packed to leave tonight for North Carolina–and it’s 11:26.  We’re not leaving tonight, it will be early morning.
  4. Illness. Yuck. I am tired of it. We making our rounds again with congestion, runny noses and coughs. We’ve had our share, I’d like for it to move out of this household.
  5. Stuff. Wow. Isn’t it funny how much stuff we all have? I’ve noticed that we still seems to have a lot of “stuff” even though I feel like I make a weekly run to the Goodwill.
  6. Househunting. We are going tonight early morning to NC to house hunt/check the area out. We will be staying two nights one night with my friend Heather who I’ve known since second grade.  How fun is that? To end up in the same place after these years that our lives have taken us in different directions. I look forward to the “break”.
  7. Roper. We need to find him a home. He needs more attention than what we are able to give at the moment. He’s a wonderful dog. He’s great with kids. He’s an enthusiastic greeter and housetrained.  You know anyone?

You can participate by going here.

7 Quick Takes Friday: #3/2011

  1. thanks to readers: Thanks for all the emails, facebook messages etc. regarding the rockin’ mama challenge. I’m just putting myself out there, because I know there are other families that may have similar struggles and I think there comfort in knowing you are not alone.
  2. illnesses: whew.  this week has set me back a little.  I feel like I’ve had a little bit of everything and now as I finish up this post (on Sunday instead of Friday) I have some type of eye irritation that has my eye looking a little pink and bloodshot.
  3. africa: I’m ready to go back. haha. no surprise there. maybe whenever this move happens i’ll be able to work on that a little more 🙂
  4. tax return: completed.  happy about this.  i’m always relieved to get it done.
  5. myer is coming along with his speech.  he’s made significant progress since we began therapy in the fall. my favorite right now is when i pick him up from preschool and he runs to me saying “momma”. he said “momma” before but he just seems to be putting more thoughts and words together.
  6. sleepovers. i found myself getting choked up when i dropped mastewal off at a sleepover this weekend. she has good friends here. it really makes me happy to see how people love and accept her….and how enthusiastically they greet her.
  7. afton: he made it one night without an accident. it was awesome. we’re working on this. he also seems really interested in new york right now.  he actually read the words the other day on a sticker and has been talking about it since. he’s even gone to the bookshelf and grabbed the new york tourist book to read over.

rockin’ mama challenge: day 15

day 15




she is very angry when it is time to rock

from previous conversations

she plops down on me with her back to me

i said we did not have to rock if she didn’t want to

she did

she says she doesn’t want to talk

begins snapping fingers

i say nothing


i think she wants me to

i ask one time if there is something she want to talk about

if something is bothering her

she begins talking to me about school

and a writing assigment that is due friday

she says she only has 4 words completed and it’s supposed to be a story

i can tell she is bothered by this also—because it is a contest

she talks about this for 10 minutes

she is stressed

she is a perfectionist

she is setting the standards high for herself


although she is stressed and angry today I walked away from the rocking with a sense of happiness

she opened up to me about what is going on with her

which explains some behavior

and i didn’t have to pry the information out of her

rockin’ mama challenge: day 14

day 14




today mastewal didn’t want to talk

maybe she was tired for the weekend

i never looked at the timer or the watch

she was very quiet and uneasy today

rockin’ mama challenge: day 13

day 13




rockin’ on the road

thought about rocking but didn’t anticipate it happening since we’d traveled all day

didn’t look at clock or timer

it was actually mom that reminded or asked me if i was going to rock

i didn’t really know she was reading 🙂

we talked about nana’s zebra snuggie

it’s pretty awesome

we also talked about the pain of braces

liked rocking at my parents house

they have a recliner and it’s bigger

mastewal asks: “why do you always close your eyes when we rock”